The Presidential Elections this year were very catchy. I loved it for different reasons:

First, because we changed the generation of our political leaders. They are younger and are no more from the post-war era.

Second, because voters hesitated a lot and didn’t know who they were going to choose till the last days and even minutes! That was really exiting and captivating.

Third, because the candidates cut the crap during the race. Well a lot more than what we are used to.

As you know, Mr Sarkozy is now the new French President. As I lived very near “la place de la Bastille”, I saw shameful events.

Young people were seeking violence. They burned cars, broke glasses, tagged monuments because the outcome of the election didn’t please them.

When I see events like this, it just reinforces my feeling. I feel no more French, AT ALL.

There is a stupid kind of social way of thinking in this country. We have taboos in France and can’t understand why. You can’t say this man is “noir” but you have to say that he is “black” (I still can’t figure out why but the French word is considered as racist). You can’t say that a man is Arabic because well, that is to make a difference so nobody says. If you say that you agree with right wing ideas, it is considered as bad. You can’t debate of these statements, people aren’t used to analyze such things. Teachers in France are known as leftists. Education is a very curious thing in this country. It is not a meritocracy at all. Students are of course influenced by Mai 68/leftist ideas of their teachers. Those ideas were good but the switch was not controlled at all and today we are not liberate enough. The French public administration isn’t agile. It is a full mess of bureaucracy. One of the main problems is that the public workers have advantages that private workers don’t have. And it is well known that public workers tend to be leftists.

You have to be very careful with left – right ideas because the left in France is not at all the same left as the one you can have in UK or USA … but the business has always been above ideas so partnership exists :o) don’t be too candid on political ideas. Those ideas are the raw material of the business of those guys we vote for in hope that they will change our lives.

French are rebel and not used to respect the law and even not used to respect people. We have so many laws but people don’t like laws. On that point, I feel French, I am a rebel too but the difference is that I need laws and moreover, I need people to be respectful of the laws. Without the second (or third?) no-smoking law in France, people would have continued to smoke, without any remorse. If there is no risk, people don’t mind. No controls, and it is a mess. No controls and everybody would drive at 180mph, no controls and all the financial disclosures wouldn’t be sound at all, no controls and criminality would be a lot higher then what we have. Humans are just humans, animals among other animals. The difference is that we have quite developed brains so we can be worse. French aren’t educated to respect the law. English, Finnish, Americans, Germans are a lot more respectful and guess why? They are fined for each little misbehavior. This would sound extreme and ridiculous for a French.

Regarding what is going on in France, it is very simple. The only argument used during the presidential campaign by the PS (left wing) against N. Sarkozy (right wing) was that he is an extremist (And let me tell you that in those presidential times you can see which newspaper is leftist and which is not… It is amazing and disappointing to see the amount of false propaganda that is put in the newspapers). When you know that in a country, a large amount of people believe what they are told without further analysis (it is true for religion, politic, school, rumors…) you can’t be surprised that young people (which are easier manipulated and more rebels-like) go in the street to protest and break everything. The right wing in France begins to be like the left wing in other European countries so I think the new president is everything except a Fascist.

Moreover, the French don’t have vision. They are used to look at the past. That’s why it is so difficult to change things in France. As Hofstede explained, the French have a great fear of uncertainty (I talked about this in an article I wrote about populations densities) and change means uncertainty. That’s why entrepreneurship is quite inexistent in this country compared to UK and USA. That’s why people live in the past. The French revolution, colonization times, May 68, … change in this country isn’t a smooth controlled process. It has always been a rupture and will always be. 47% vs 53% of the population. How can you change something when 47% don’t even want to try. They reject change. One man can maybe improve things but it won’t be a radical change. I hope I am wrong, I really wish. I really wish because if we don’t retrieve the basic rules of our democracy, the change will occur as a rupture and people would tend to be more fascists (see 2002 presidential election) and when the private workers will go to protest in the street, it will be something different from all the leftist/public riots we have all year long. Today we don’t have equality. Equality between public and private sector, equality against law; Equality isn’t the friend of Tolerance. The law is the law. As soon as you tolerate something, inequality is here. We lack of Tolerance 0. There is no Liberty in this country; the rampages we had after the election clearly show it. In a democracy, people have the liberty to think and vote. They massively voted. 53% is a massive score for France. Not accepting the result is a shame. It would be different if the democracy would be in danger but the new elected President is not an extremist. Right isn’t far-right and people maybe are confused since 2002. I even don’t talk about our “fraternity” rule … I think this one is pure hypocrisy considering the French people … or maybe there was some spare space on our coins!

When you work in the private sector (the reality) and you see a big part of your money going to the public sector (dreamland) (I won’t talk about happy unemployed people which is icing on the cake), you can’t be happy to see public workers rioting all year long. You can’t be happy to see that for the majority of them, they vote for the left side, which is supposed to be social, but it is not social at all because there are incredible inequalities between the private and public sector. But you know what? Public workers don’t mind. They are living in their sweet bubble. Young people that are rioting are living in their own bubble too, fueled by utopia ideas. People that are using the crap French system don’t want their advantages to disappear, even if those advantages aren’t fair. People are egoist. Give me the money and don’t bother me.
John F Kennedy said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”. The French don’t even know the meaning of “to ask” (in the “to wonder” meaning).

And this immobilism has now become a business for too many people in this country.

What can we do for France? I don’t know, I have no hope in this country and already left it.

Enough is enough.