Bremen technoist Oliver Huntemann has been DJing and producing for over ten years, building up a reputation as one of Germany’s most reliable electronic acts.

Until now I didn’t know Mr Huntemann and can’t understand why. because he is such a genius DJ.

‘Play! 01’ was recorded live at D-Edge, Sao Paulo towards the end of September 2006. D-Edge is apparently Sao Paolo’s most renowned venue for premier electronic music.

I’ve just listened to the full mix in my HDJ-1000 so my neighbours wouldn’t complain and the sound of bass-heavy tracks like Sao Paulo (#11) would not be altered.

You know what? I can feel the addiction of huge albums. I need to listen to the full mix again.

Another detail, important one is that as the mix is recorded live, you can hear the people and it isn’t disturbing at all. It just adds power to this wonderful release. Looking forward to listen Play 02!!!!

ps: I think that the intro is made by just using Apple’s speech synthesis.