Music on its own is just what reaches our hears. But an album is more and while not being the most important part of the buying process, it can entice you. Often, when I grab an album which has a very nice sleeve, I candidly believe that the artist took care of its consumers fans. But sometimes, artists can’t influence the design process of their sleeves and that is a shame. You also have musicians that are only musicians and feel bored just about the thought of racking their brain out to find a genius eye candy idea for their album sleeves. Limits of Art and Business … an unsolved equation !

Anyway, for our great pleasure, Lemon Jelly are consumers oriented and are moreover respectful of them.

The covers are so eye candy, funky, flashy, everything is visual pleasure.

Wait, are we in the Hot tunes section ? YES !!! Let’s put this album in the player. The audio is just as enchanting as the visual, really. Sit down, take a deep breath, relax yourself, you’re not going to listen to tracks – you are going to listen to a whole peace of concentrated pleasure, teasing your ears :o)

Lost Horizons is a mix of many genres without falling in a category. Chilling melodies with great samples, funky and low beats, a great scale of instruments and some touch of goa-psy trance melodies remixed in a chilled manner.

To finish, this album is perfectly mixed, so smooth that you really have to sit down, put your headphones on and absorb the album from start to finish.

If I’d have to resume the kind of cd it is in 3 words ? RELAX, FUN & PLAY … Lemon Jelly !

Lemon Jelly are Fred Deakin and Nick Franglen and if you want more information about them, just read this entry in the diary: Airside & Lemon Jelly