I am a fan of Airside work since a couple of years now and would like to share it here.

The first time I saw their work was in London. There are no better places than London to discover the work of a London-based design company.

I also discovered in Birmingham one of their Lemon Jelly’s ads. I loved loved loved it !! Here is the ad in real life environment:

Airside Lemon Jelly Ad

and here the clean “original” file:
Airside Lemon Jelly Ad

So what is Lemon Jelly huh ? As they explain on their website, Lemon Jelly are Fred Deakin and Nick Franglen. 2 musicians that make some great music ! Their style is, to me, between low beat and psy-trance-goa with a lot of funky beats !! Can’t imagine what this can renders ? Looks like you have to dig a bit and listen to some of their tracks. I wrote a review of Lemon Jelly – Lost Horizons album in the Hot tunes section of this website.

So what the hell I am talking about Lemon Jelly in a topic deserved to Airside? Because, Fred Deakin is also a director of Airside and THAT is obviously why all the media-print-ads for Lemon Jelly are done by Airside. There aren’t too much formated so that let them design and make videos of crazy things and they do it very well.

Check it out: Airside.co.uk