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be your own PET (often abbreviated to BYOP) are a four-piece post-punk group from Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
The band consists of lead singer Jemina Pearl Abegg, the daughter of Christian artist/ photographer Jimmy Abegg; guitarist Jonas Stein, the son of manager Burt Stein; and Nathan Vasquez (bass), son of acclaimed Latin Jazz guitarist Rafael Vasquez. Vasquez replaced Jake Orrall, the founding member of BYOP, who left the band to spend a year in Iceland.
BYOP formed in 2003 in the basement of Orrall’s house, which doubles as a home studio/rehearsal space for indie label Infinity Cat Recordings.
Their sound is basic, primal garage rock and are often compared to popular New York group Yeah Yeah Yeahs, not just for their style, featuring heavy rock guitars with abrasive vocals and erratic, angular rhythms, but also due to critical comparisons of Abegg to Yeah Yeah Yeahs frontwoman Karen O. Both being female and having a dynamic, non traditional stage presence.

BYOP band photo

I find their song october, first account track just genius. It is also the more polished one – less garage styled than others – but you’ll find a youth energy spirit. Rebel I said ?