George Acosta’s relentless barrage of mix albums for Ultra continued in early 2002 with Next Level, the successor to his double-disc Trance Nation mix with ATB and his two Release mixes (all three mixes released in 2001).

Next Level isn’t much of a departure from any of those three mixes; again, Acosta throws down lots of Euro-trance, along with a few of his own tracks.

The highlights of this mix include the “Wellenrausch Remix” of PPK’s “Resurrection,” the “Cosmic Gate Remix” of DJ Tiesto and Kirsty Hawkshaw’s “Urban Train,” the “Progression Mix” of Push’s “Legacy,” and the “Marco V Remix” of Rank 1’s “Such Is Life.” By this point, after having released a plethora of similar mix albums on Ultra over the course of only a few years, Acosta’s albums start to sound awfully similar—though perhaps that’s the concept, for better or worse. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide