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Hello everybody !

Here are some fresh news …

I am now on holidays and the flight from Paris CDG to Helsinki Vantaa was ok. I flew with Finnair and appreciated it much than Air France. Better plane, good food and no live safety information. Yes ! It is amazing … they show you the safety info on a screen. You also have a nice view of the land under the plane and some other views around. I think it is a good idea to share the beauty of the breathtaking scenery with the cockpit guys !

The first thing I noticed when still being in the plane was the weird looking sky and the forest ! You can see little islands every where between Estonia and Finland and this land is really really covered by forest. I didn’t know that the international airport of Helsinki wasn’t in Helsinki so that explains why I did not see anything else than trees and forest till landing. Anyway I arrived at Helsinki Vantaa (quite far from Helsinki though) and immediately loved the architecture and ambiance.

Enough talking about my first day. I have to give you some good addresses !

A very good restaurant we tried with other erasmus guys from Harusti is Michelle. I have put the link in my links section within my website.

In this typic Finnish restaurant (I should say suomi now …), I absolutely loved the food, in particular the PAAHDETTU PORONFILE (understand Reindeer in more civilized language) with a mushrooms sauce …. still drooollling just thinking about it !

Reindeer was so tender !!!! nearly rare , the best ever ! Here is the photo but believe me, It was better in live.

reindeer dish at Lappi

And let me show you the bill …

PAAHDETTU PORONFILE…...............26.50
Tarapaca Gran Resery (37.50/3).....12.52

which gives a total of….......................46.92
that they round to 47€ as the cheapest coin used in Finland is 5 cents.

Let me translate the bill a bit for you: we have some reindeer, very good Chile’s wine we emptied at 3 and a chocolate cake with berries. The menu offered some apple pies but those idiots love cinnamon !!!! It is everywhere !!!!!!! DAMNED !

Amandine ate some very good fish (I tasted it and it was really yummy …. I could have eaten both .. no it’s bad lol)

And the photo :

fish dish at Lappi

Earlier to this restaurant, we went to a Belgium pub called “Le Belge” and there, my friends, it was pretty cool. A Stylish and hype ambiance in a 2 levels “café-bar” providing some of my favorite beers : Chimay, Duvel, Lindemans cassis (than, I said to myself : ok that’s good, they must have some Lindemans faro but deception, only Lindemans cassis …. hard life). So I decided to try a “Barbare”, which I had never tried before and I definitely recommend this one.

In the pub, we chatted with the webmaster of the French Embassy who is also an organizer of cultural events over the capital.
Luckily, we were there for the famous “soirées groovin françaises” with good sound like “Paris Combo” or really old jazzy/twisty sound mixed together for your ears pure pleasure.

You go to Helsinki ? go to the “Belge” pub !

A photo (I still don’t know how to take photos when it is dark …. so crap I am) of the deco :

Le Belge café/pub in Helsinki

and a photo of the Beer mug I “borrowed” ... Remorses now :-s
beer mug from Le Belge café

I can’t close this article without talking about our windows !

Crazy triple windows ! just unbelievable ! Like the doors, there are 2 to get out ! triple windows, double doors, long live penguins !

very big windows nordic style

very big windows nordic style

And voilà ! I hope you enjoyed that breaking news ! I hope so because I’ve just spent 30 minutes to write it and I have some homework to do … This afternoon, my sweetie come back at 2:30pm. On the planning we have : cook a vegetables quiche. Indeed, we have a group of Finnish students that will arrive at 4pm. They organize a whole dinner and are going to take some photos for their intercultural project. We are going to laugh our asses off !

Yesterday we went to the Molly Mallones (Irish Pub). I wanted to try the beamish but they had no more of this lovely brewage DAMNED ! so I ordered a Guiness and half a pint of Kilkenny for my girlfriend. As there were no more Beamish, the barman, very kind guy (all of them were kind in this pub), gave me a pint of Guiness and a pint of Kilkenny for the price of a pint of Guiness and half a pint of Kilkenny. That is what I call BUSINESS ! And as my girlfriend doesn’t like beer … I can guess the following … I drank both :-s
We sang on some U2 songs, Creedance Clearwater Revivals and The Driven (with the famous Jesus loves you more if you can driiiiiveeeeeeeee …).

I was about to forget to add that yesterday we cooked those famous meat balls with porc, cumin, coriander, garlic and parsley (I did my own cumin powder with the rolling pin !!!!! I did fight about 10 minutes with those little seeds !! They don’t sell cumin powder but I really don’t know how they use the seeds like that …. vikings !). In the meantime, an apple crumble (believe me, size DOES matter), was cooking in the oven while my Macromedia Flash cooking timer did take care of the cooking time. All of that to say that my beloved powerbook was playing good snowboard videos with good sound in the flat and well, it was damned cool.

Last news, as I am in the Jussi Oksanen ’s town, I can’t say you goodbye without writing that the board expo 2004 where takes place the Burton Rail Jam Contest will open its doors on november 5th.
Here is the link : boardexpo
Everything is in Finnish or Swedish ? I can’t recognize one to the other anyway lol

Cheers !