• BBEdit
    Here is a nice song dedicated to this great software: editors at war.
    And here the lyrics: editors at war | Lyrics.

  • CSSEdit
    A very usefull software that helps you to write css code, test and render on the fly.

  • Firefox
    This is my reference when testing new development. If a page is fine in Firefox, it is pretty good. Other browsers like Safari are not as restrictive as Firefox. Test on the most restrictive browser if you don’t want to experience a nightmare.

  • xScope
    Some aspects of designing on the computer can be rough. Figuring out how wide this is or how high that is, what something will look like at this resolution or that. Many different factors. Well, xScope is here to help you out. xScope is comprised of six tools that can make a designer’s job easier; Rulers, Screens, Loupe, Guides, Frames and Crosshairs.

  • Adobe Photoshop CS
    Obviously, when we are talking about gfx, we are all thinking about Adobe Photoshop or Gimp for rebels (I have nothing against Gimp and find it a very good free alternative to Photoshop but I do prefer the Photoshop ergonomy).

  • Adobe Illustrator CS
    It is just amazing to see all the things you can do with Illustrator. I used it to design the logo and some user interfaces gfx.

  • iTunes
    I don’t know about you but I can’t be creative and productive without listening to some good sound. Prerequisite to use the softwares listed above.