My girlfriend and I went to see Calexico in live at Bataclan Paris on October 29th 2006.

We really enjoyed the performance. I prefer Calexico in live than just on a silicon disc, which confirms that Calexico is definitely a good band. The live set was more dynamic and rocky than the albums. The Mexican influences also were more noticeable. So noticeable that at one time my mouth was requesting some margaritas lol

The bad thing about this live was the Bataclan.

First, at the entrance, the security guys did take my camera ! They said that it was a professional model and it is not allowed. That is stupid thinking. A lot of people had their own camera (ok not a SLR with a zoom on it) but nowadays it doesn’t make such a difference with the increasing performance of camera models. Anyway, that was very frustrating to see people taking photos while my camera was on the checkroom!!!!

Second, if you look at the tickets, it is written “ASSIS/DEBOUT” which means seats or standing up. The staff had removed the seat rows so the ground floor was a whole standing area and on the first floor, seats were available. We decided to go there but the security staff told us that it was prohibited. I was quite angry against the staff (no camera, no seats) that was not kind at all. French staff is often like that and worse in Paris, believe me.

After the first band had played, what did I see ?!! The staff stopped to block the stairs to go up and people were rushing to get a seat upstairs. I was voiceless. That is absolutely not fair at all.

Third, the concert wasn’t a no smoking event. We were surrounded by hard-core nicotine addicts. It was really awful. No ventilation at all, it was crap. I can’t understand that it is still allowed to smoke in concerts like that and the producer SHOULD have requested a no smoking concert.

I enjoyed Calexico’s performance very much but certainly not the Bataclan. Moreover, the sound and acoustic wasn’t great at all.

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